Cell phone detector & Jammer

In order to improve the disadvantages of the traditional mobile phone jammer, such as the possible effect to the human boday, getting hot when the machine is continue working, or can not work for a long time etc. We have developed a more intelligent mobile phone signal jammer. The device is just listening to signals while there is no mobile phone signal. When somebody uses his mobile phone in the control range (1-20M), the mobile phone signal jammer will start to send the carrier wave and block the mobile phone signal for 30 seconds ( we can set the time according customer’s requirements) After this jamming time the intellingent mobile phone jammer will stop working and starts listening again..  So “ no dailing, no jamming”.



1. Listening – Jamming – Alarm

2. Detect & Block all kinds of mobile phone signal ( GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G)

3. Show the position of the dailed mobile phone on a computer

4. The software in the device can force all the mobile phone to be off

5. Can block a radius of 1-20+ meters (adjust to customer’s requirements)

6. It has no effect to humans, environmental, and can be used for a long time

Model: JS-DE-002
GSM detection systems

Cell Phone  detector

The Cell phone detector is a device that continuously monitors for cellular phones. Once it detects that  a cell phone is switched on (up to 30 meter distance) it will alert the phone user that they

must switch off their phone with a pre recorded message.


Celldetector Features:

Model: JS-DE-001